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"... vindictive, mind-reading, murdering . . . Imagine an evil-tempered, intolerant, dictatorial bitch, and you’re half-way to a Judge of Truth."

Matthew Ford Sheridan Major, Colony Trooper Force

final moon 1

the judge of truth

Matt Sheridan is a man on the brink. Strange nightmares and inner rage are tearing him apart, he’s one step away from vigilantism... and his day just got a whole lot worse.

Sheridan is a cop on Ta’ros – frontier colony, miners’ pleasure-ground, armpit of the universe. His men are over-stretched and under-equipped, and morale is shot to hell. And it’s full moon, which means pitched battles on a live volcano.

And he’s just heard the news about the Judge of Truth.

Sheridan hates the puritanical mind-reading harridans. The planet has seen two of them. Both were under his protection. Both have been murdered. Now a third Judge of Truth is on her way.

And the assassins are waiting for her.

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